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Commercial Photography

Offering a wide variety of product, editorial and corporate photography. Food & beverage shots for menus and advertising; product shots of what you’re selling or servicing; still-life images; architectural and site photographs; editorial images for covers, stories, ads, magazines, brochures, posters, promo cards and online stories; professional head-shots, portraits, and environmental portraits. Shooting to your layout, template, and your specific needs are my priority. 

Video, Cinema & Motion

Documentaries, short movies, videos, and advertisements for TV, your Website, social media or other distribution platforms that are creatively storyboarded, shot, and produced to suit the need. Any event: promotions, educational lectures, special speakers, or special occasions. Atypical motion-control equipment is utilized for unique shots. Corporate profile ad-spots that feature your business with quality, professionalism and uniqueness.

Web Design & Graphic Design

Utilizing industry leading content management systems and themes such as WordPress and DIVI to setup and design your website to stand out from the crowd. I build it, then you can take over and update the content and your pricing as you need. With in-house photo & video capability, the option to tailor your site with the exact images you need are available. Graphic Design is also offered as a service, using Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of software applications.

The photograph at the top of this page is one of a series of architectural images taken for DOZER, INC, the construction firm awarded the contract to reconstruct the historic “Bridge of Sighs” over Roth’s Hill Road in Natchez, Mississippi. Copyright: Dozer, Inc. & Michael Chapman – All Rights Reserved, 2015.



  • Food & Beverage
  • Product
  • Still Life / Tabletop
  • Architectural / Site
  • Editorial
  • Covers
  • Advertising / Marketing / Promotional
  • Professional Headshots
  • Corporate & Business Portraits 


  • Video of Events & Speaking Engagements
  • Cinematic Movies (shorts)
  • Advertisement Spots
  • Short Clips for Website or Social Media
  • Corporate & Business Profile Stories
  • Documentaries
  • Music Videos
  • Basic Animation


  • Website Design
  • Website Setup
  • Website Management
  • WordPress CMS
  • DIVI & Elegant Themes PlugIns
  • Graphic Design
  • Posters, Brochures, Cards, Promos


I can help you take your product from ordinary … to amazing. Whether for a menu, promo card, magazine ad, online magazine, poster, social media, or brochure … let’s make your servings pop!


Natchez Coffee Company

Natchez, Mississippi


“Nettie Cake”

Coffee Shop & Bakery

Sharon Brown, Owner

King’s Tavern

Natchez, Mississippi


Food & Drink Menu Items

Three offerings on the food & beverage menu at Natchez’s oldest Restaurant/Tavern.

Regina Charboneau, Owner/Chef



I can shoot to layout for your template, provide your editorial images for stories, covers, online articles, images for apps, or whatever illustration or idea you need to convey. I also can write your copy (see “Stories” on the Main navigation bar). Whatever your need for editorial is, I can deliver on time and on budget.

Brandon McCranie

Artist & Entertainer 

Ann Gabrielle Richardson

Opera & Performance Vocalist 

Aimee Guido

Ceramic Artist & Painter 

Pat & Lisa Miller

Natchez Brewing Company 

Cover Image for LIVABILITY NATCHEZ Magazine


Home page image for the UMB Online Banking App

Cover image for the first edition of The Vidalian magazine – January 2016

2017 Calendar for the Adam’s County Sheriff’s Department – Staff & Officer Photos


AWAKE: Living the Photo-Artistic Life


My piece “American Queen” made inclusion in this highly respected online magazine featuring work by photo-artists from all over the world.

April 2015


“Bridge of Sighs”


Natchez, Mississippi


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Video for Ads or Business Profiles

Need an ad spot for TV or your website … a 3 minute business profile that tells potential customers what you’re about? We offer quality video/audio that goes beyond the boring “pan & zoom,” and includes dynamic motion that people are used to seeing today. We use motion-control such as a slider, a jib/crane, and a camera stabilizer, all of which produce amazing, eye-catching video. Set yourself apart!


Above: Political Campaign Advertisement produced for the Committee to Re-Elect Sheriff Chuck Mayfield. To see this video, see “MOTION” on the main menu bar.

[Imagery and work for any particular political party, campaign, or politician does not necessarily reflect support for that party, campaign or individual politician.]


Selling a product? I can make it shine.

A product image of a GoPro Camera

Camera is 2.5″ wide x 1.5″ tall


The photograph at right is a combination of more than 18 photographs combined in two Adobe Photoshop software programs in a process known as “focus-stacking.” This is often done in product macro-photography to ensure that every tiny part of the product is in extremely sharp focus. This particular shot also required an elaborate lighting setup for even, diffused lighting. A blue gel and background light was used to give the image depth and make the product stand out.

Image of an Art Piece

Metal Sculpture by Artist Mitch Ballard


Mitch sells his pieces, which can serve as tables if glass is placed over them, at his location on US 61 North, in Natchez.




 On-Location Portraiture of Fitness Program Clients


Mouse over, then use the left and right arrows to navigate through the gallery. >>>


Whether you’re going for a professional look or a more casual look … get the headshot you’ve always wanted.

Use as your work photo, social media cover, or LinkedIn profile shot … whatever your need is, invest in a great portrait that portrays the image you wish to convey to the world. 

Examples on the right: Any look you want, and I can vary the edit from a realistic look, to a more dreamy, soft look, and anywhere in between. The photos on the right are just three examples. Basic packages begin at 5 images in different poses or expressions, taken in studio, for $125.

Realistic & Elegant Retouch

Muted Color Retouch

Just three examples of retouching styles…

Soft & Dreamy Retouch

TESTIMONIALS – Business Clients

“Mike took my very first group of Amazing 12 client photos after the completion of their body transformations on January 2, 2015. Before the photos we discussed what was expected as far as outcome and how the photos needed to represent each woman and their personalities and their before and after photos needed to be as closely scaled as possible to show true representation. Mike delivered absolutely brilliant photos that Paul, the ladies and myself were thrilled with!

I am so thankful to have Mike on my team as our official “Amazing 12” photographer. His professionalism and attention to detail shows in his work and makes my job possible to do. It is such a relief to know that I can leave this part in Mike’s hands and it will be beautifully and professionally done.”

Amanda Hudson, Sfg II

Amazing 12 Coach

“Mike made photos, as well as recorded and produced a video for me during a grief workshop I held in Natchez. The setting presented some lighting and background challenges, but Mike did an excellent job and the final results were outstanding. He is very professional and it is obvious he has a gift to see light and shadows necessary to produce a great photograph and video. I have used Mike for visuals on several occasions and would highly recommend his work to anyone.”

Bob Willis

Author, Sculptor, Grief & Loss Counselor

List of Most-Recent Business & Corporate Clients:

City of Vidalia, Louisiana

Balloon Festival, other city events, and providing images going forward for their marketing department.


Duncan Park Golf Course

Building and designing a Website for the City’s public golf course.


95 Country – WQNZ Radio Station

Providing images for their marketing and social media presence.


United MS Bank, Headquartered in Natchez, Mississippi

Licensed a photograph of the Mississippi River bridges to be used as the cover photo for their online banking app.


Bob Willis, author, sculptor, and grief & loss counselor

Shot and produced a video of one of Bob’s grief and loss speaking events, as well as provided promotional photos of the event for his marketing; provided specific shots of Natchez scenes that Bob needed for a sculpture proposal he was making.


St. Mary Basilica, Roman Catholic Parish

Shot and produced a photographic image of their St. Mary shrine for a pewter Christmas ornament. The assignment called for a straight-on image with all of the background clutter removed and the shrine simplified so that a company that makes pewter ornaments could convert the likeness of the Shrine onto the pewter medallion.


Aimee Guido, ceramic artist and painter

Produced promo shots of her with her pieces of art, as well as working at the wheel shots.


Trinity Episcopal Day School, Pre-School – 12th Grade Private School

Worked as the Director of Photography for two of their fund-raising movies.


Re-elect Sheriff Mayfield Campaign Committee, Candidate for Sheriff of Adams County, Mississippi

Shot and produced two videos for his campaign, specifically for his website and for social media.


Natchez Brewing Company, Brewers of a line of craft beers, Natchez, Mississippi

Shot environmental portraits and provided images for a brochure that is being used to promote their brewery.


The Amazing 12 of the Miss-Lou, 12-Week Intensive Fitness Program franchised out of Ireland

As their official photographer, I shoot their clients’ Before and After photos as part of a recurring 12 week fitness course they go through.


Dozer, Inc. – Highway & Bridge Construction Company, Natchez, Mississippi

Shot and produced architectural images of The Bridge of Sighs project that this construction company built in the historical reconstruction of a famous nineteenth century footbridge along the banks of the Mississippi River. Provided them with exclusive licensing of the images.


Visit Natchez, Official Tourism Agency for Natchez and Adams County, Mississippi

Hired by the city’s tourism agency to shoot the events of the Food & Wine Festival of 2015 and provide them with one hundred images for their agency’s photo library.


Likeability Natchez Magazine, Online magazine promoting Natchez & Adams County, Mississippi 

Produced a cover image for their online magazine.


Mitch Ballard, metal sculptor and artist, Natchez, Mississippi

Photographs of Mitch’s metal sculptures so he can market them and sell his pieces.


Natchez Friends of the Riverfront, Private organization promoting the development of Natchez’ riverfront

Provided images for their social media, website, and print brochure.

Regular Viewers of My Images

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“Your photos go beyond just capturing an image ‘on film.’ You seem to get down to the soul of it. You are able to make it speak to us.”

“When I first saw your photos I was very captivated! I caught myself looking to see more of your work! Great photos don’t just come from ‘a good camera’ – they come from someone with a ‘great eye’ for life!”

“You have a knack for capturing much more than a photograph!”

“Your close-up facial portraits are amazing because you capture the soul of the person through the lighting around their eyes; but, I also enjoy your landscape shots because they make you feel like you’ve jumped into the setting each time you glance at the picture.”

“You don’t just capture a nice shot – you dig deep down into the soul and capture the perfect shot at the perfect angle with the perfect lighting…”

“It seems that you leave something for the imagination of the viewer instead of trying to reveal everything…”

“With your work you capture something more than just a picture. I often feel emotional vibes coming from your photos as if they have a life of their own. There is always a story and I can SEE it!”

“You capture the true essence of whatever you are photographing. It is more than a picture. Each one has meaning, emotion and movement.”

“I love the passion and zest for life that you put into your photography. I always look forward to seeing what new idea you have come up with to portray your images…”