CONSUMER SERVICES for Individuals / Families:

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Occasion Photo-Cards & Other Graphic Design

A full range of services, including portraits of any style, events, and weddings … to video of events, documentaries, contents for insurance purposes … to prints, photo cards, and any other visuals you might need.

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COMMERCIAL SERVICES for Business / Corporate:

  • Product / Still Life Images 
  • Professional Portraits & Headshots
  • Food / Beverage Images
  • Architectural Photographs
  • Covers, Posters, and Cards to promote your business or event
  • Display & Layout for Brochures, Magazines, Social Media or Website
  • Graphic Design 
  • Video advertisements & Corporate Videos Profiles (for Web or TV)
  • Website Design & Development

Product & Still Life images (including products, clothing, food, beverage … whatever you sell or service) that really pop so you can promote your product and business with quality and pride.

Architectural images to display your business store-front in a high quality way; capture the beauty of your home; display a home or property you want to sell; or document a structure or a remodel that you did that you want to show off.

Visual images for editorial or advertising, combined with text and graphics to promote your business in print or web media. I can set to any layout, with custom formatting and aspect ratio – whether a website, social media, print magazine, brochure, poster, card, or mailer. Market your business and products with quality!

Business or Corporate profile videos that show off your business and product/service – with audio voice-over that tells potential customers what you are all about.

I can get you up and running with a high-quality website that you can then take over to alter your content or prices as needed, or I can manage that part for you if you’re just too busy. With my ability to create the high-quality photos and video that you want to use on your site, no other vendors are needed. I can handle every aspect of building your website: from helping you choose your domain name if you don’t have one, to customizing and styling your visual content, all the way through to getting your amazing site up and running on the web.

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